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Test Feedback

Early Alpha

Before we go out there, we need your help and would appreciate feedback on the points below.

1. When marking the parts to be nested in Rhino, we have two options (configurable with PartsFromActiveLayerOnly setting):#

1. Only accept parts of active layer
2. Accept all parts of all layers (default right now)

The problem is that in textile cutting for example, there are pen layers including mark-up curves not relevant for nesting. They should be in the position but are not supposed to be cut. How is your workflow? Using this setting, is it easy for you to get your parts detected right by the plug-in? Any suggestions/ideas?

2. For steel-coils and textiles there is no clear sheet, so we have an option called "sheet shrinking". This is defaulting to x direction describing the following behavior:#

  • In the sheet to be nested in, only the measure in y axis is final, the extent in x direction should only be big enough to allow all parts to be placed.
  • we nest the regular parts
  • we shrink the sheet width to make it fit the nesting, height stays untouched
  • we then insert filler parts in the leftover space

Choosing the other options, you can achieve the same behavior for the y axis (height) or both, allowing shrinking in both axes. Is this sufficient for your workflow? Which setting should be the default one?

3. Distance between parts is set to a minimum distance.#

That means that in some instances, distance between parts is higher than the minimum distance (e.g. 3.5mm instead of 3mm). Is that problematic and if yes how and when (in which scenarios)?

4. Currently standard filler parts have a minimum size of 150*200mm.#

Are there instances (such as chip-lasering?) where we should have smaller options? What would be a good standard here?

5. In general:#

Do the default nesting settings make sense for your workflow? Are the defaults good? (e.g., in Nesting-settings)

6. In the nesting dialogue defaults are ticked and settings hidden.#

Should defaults be unset/visible by default?

7. General Feedback on Filler Part Approach:#

  1. Have you done this before?
  2. Anything to add or improve?

For feedback and suggestions please post in the thread or write to

Thank you!