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Release Notes


  • Major release, adjust Plug-In to updated API
  • Improve error handling


  • Fix bug leading to mirrored cutting plans
  • Fix bug where sheet part distance was ignored for filler parts


  • Introduce a new preview visualization of how the plug-in will parse your parts
  • Introduce new feature to connect a known buyer
  • Make nesting settings window resizable
  • Fix bug leading to wrong grouping behavior after nesting
  • Fix bug requiring users to log in on every restart of Rhino on Mac


  • Display stats using a alert box
  • Improve log-in user flow for mac users
  • Fix bug displaying Unknown as user name when signing-in
  • Fix bug when placing custom filler parts
  • Fix bug when selecting parts that are overlapping


  • Fix bug where storing tool settings would not work as expected



  • Improving the selection of parts from grouped curves
  • Nesting settings dialog will now remember your last settings
  • UI improvements for nesting settings dialog:
    • choose material from selection
    • make sections foldable
    • several minor cleanups
  • Move settings relevant for part selection to part selection step
  • Adjust size of stats text object dynamically to sheet size
  • Parts that could not be placed will be selected after nesting from now on (details)
  • Add Command NormcutDemand to access the demand portal comfortably from Rhino
  • Add Command NormcutChangePassword