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When Rhino 7 is installed, clicking the button below will open up the newest version of the Plug-In in Rhino. Just press Install in the window opening up.

If something does not work follow steps below for manually opening up the Plug-In in the package manager and install the update from there.


Using Rhino Package Manager#

Rhino 7 and newer#

  • Click this link
  • Rhino opens and shows the plug-in (make sure to check [x] include pre-releases)
  • Click install & restart Rhino

Rhino 6#

  • Open Rhino and enter command TestPackageManager (the command does not autocomplete)
  • Search for normcut (make sure to check [x] include pre-releases)
  • Press Install & restart Rhino


Under Construction



  1. Run PlugInManager command
  2. Find Normcut entry
  3. Right click --> Open Folder
  4. Within the explorer (Mac: finder) navigate up until you reached the "Plugin" folder
  5. Delete the whole folder Normcut{<Id>}


If the package manager is not opening...#

... you can open it manually with PackageManager command (TestPackageManager on Rhino6).