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This document is under active development.

Why doesn't my plug-in update?#

First delete the old one. Find instructions here.

How can I log-in and log-out from Normcut in Rhino?#

Using the following commands: NormcutSignIn, NormcutSignOut

My custom fillerparts I put in the demand portal are not being inserted as filler parts, only the standard rectangles. What can I do?#

Fillerparts are only matched, if the selected material in Rhino and online match (e.g. PVC -> material type, 280 -> thickness (in mm), white -> color). Material (e.g. PVC) must be set. Thickness and color can be left free and serve as wildcard.

How can I join lines?#

Currently you can't.

What happens with my data?#

We are honestly not interested in your production data. We only analyze your scrap data to make maximum use of it in waste minimization, waste documentation, carbon footprint and recycling optimization.