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Our mission at Normcut is to minimize waste in industrial cutting of sheet materials and we believe that the first step to achieve this is to offer the best possible Nesting for free. However, no matter how well you nest, there will always – just as when cutting Christmas cookies at home – be leftovers. On average 25%. Some industrial cutters even throw away 40%, in leather cutting it is sometimes even over 50%. Crazy, right?

So, in some Nesting-solutions there is a functionality called filler parts or "optional parts". The idea is to automatically fill up leftover space with smaller parts. This approach can lower scrap below 10%.

BUT: There are several factors that inhibit a broad use, such as:

  1. This solution (similar to most nesting-suites) is only available as part of premium packages of rather expensive software suites, so not broadly available.
  2. Cutters do not always have a use for these parts or have access to a customer interested in buying them.

SO: We developed a Nesting-Plug-in and added the first free filler part function in our solution.

Here you have two options:

  1. Upload filler parts in your cloud-account for your own use
  2. Let us automatically insert standard-parts in Euronorm-sizes (e.g. 150*200mm, 200*300mm, 300*400mm etc.) and market them for you.

How it works#

Our main functionality is in the cloud and the plug-in is just managing data-exchange with our back-end service. Why?

  1. Most of the Nesting libraries in the back are courtesy of the French cooperative ALMA (Merci @Larbi ) and hosted in the cloud.
  2. But most importantly, this is about cooperation: we want to enable users to upload parts they need as filler parts to be distributed in other cutters' leftover space. So our goal is cross-cutter-cooperation and optimization: Cutter Buyer Schema As a first step towards our goal, we want to give you the opportunity to sell the filler parts on our marketplace: (Currently only in German). For now this is a separate module and you will have to upload your data/Parts on your own. In the future, we want to automatize this, so the filler parts you cut are automatically offered online. That’s why it’s all in the cloud and not on premise.

For feedback & suggestions please post in the thread or write to