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Technical Information

The filler part nesting service is offered as REST API endpoints, requests and responses are provided as JSON – with the exception of existing nestings which can be imported as files (dxf or svg).

The detailed api specification (auto generated) can be found here.

Access the REST API (Test Environment)#

Production Use Cases

Contact us if you would like to integrate the filler part nesting functionality and need access to our production api.

Access our test environment at:


To use the Normcut service, end users need to be registered and authenticated to keep their ressources protected. To register users need to create a free account here.

Every request sent to the API needs to contain an authentication token identifying the user the request will be associtated with. Set a header field Authorization with its value containing the token Bearer <token> as specified in the OAuth 2.0 spec.

The authentication and authorization is based on Microsoft Azure AD B2C which is built on top of OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect.

Receiving Authentication Token in Development Scenarios#

To receive such a token for development purpose you can use this configuration data(shown on the example of Postman REST client):

Call-back URL
Auth URL
Client ID4411694e-df82-47da-83d0-89ac7d1c9774
Scopeopenid offline_access

Implementing Authentication Logic in Client Applications#

In order to implement the authentication logic within your client application there are implementations available for all major frameworks and platforms. Check this guide for details on how to implement the authentication logic.