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Filler Part Nesting

The steps of executing a filler part nesting are the following:

  1. Create a CuttingPlanGeometry
  2. Create a CuttingPlan specifying the geometry, material and tools
  3. Create and trigger a CuttingPlanOptimization specyfing a CuttingPlan to optimize
  4. Retrieve resulting, optimized CuttingPlanGeometry and parse it's data

Cutting Plan Geometry#

A CuttingPlanGeometry is the geometric representation of a nesting consisting of a single sheet, a set of parts and (optionally) a set of placed filler parts.

Creating a Cutting Plan Geometry#

A new CuttingPlanGeometry can be created in three different ways:

Retrieving Cutting Plan Geometry Data#

reference The data associated with a CuttingPlanGeometry can be retrieved via the GET:CuttingPlanGeometry/data route. The returned format of the data will match the input format from when the CuttingPlanGeometry was created. Additionaly a variety of flags can be set to configure and format the geometry outut, for example includeParts=false can be set to only include the placed filler parts (when handling an optimized geometry).

Cutting Plan#

A CuttingPlan is the representation of a nesting which is cut from a certain material stock using specific tools.

- Geometry: (Guid)
- Name: (string)
- Material: (Material)
- Tools: [(Tool)]
- CutSpeed: (int)
- Type: (string)
- Thickness (int)
- Color (string)
- Type: (string)
- size: (double)

Creating a Cutting Plan#


When creating a CuttingPlan specifying the corresponding CuttingPlanGeometry by its id as well as a human readable name is mandatory.

Retrieving Stats for a Cutting Plan#

work in progress

Cutting Plan Optimization#

For a given CuttingPlan, a CuttingPlanOptimization can be created, which triggers the actual filler part nesting. The API will try to place as many filler parts as possible onto the given nesting (CuttingPlanGeometry). A CuttingPlanOptimization has a optimization state property indicating the progress of the optimization:

- 0 -> Pending
- 1 -> Processing
- 2 -> Success
- 3 -> MissingDemand
- 4 -> Failed

Creating a Cutting Plan Optimization#


When creating a CuttingPlanOptimization only an Id of a corresponding CuttingPlan needs to be specified within the request. Optionally NestingParameters can be passed to configure minimum distances and nesting duration.

Retrieving Results#

As soon as the optimization succeeds a new cutting plan geometry with included filler parts (optimized CuttingPlanGeometry) will be assigned. Using the corresponding GET route the Id of this CuttingPlanGeometry can be retrieved (reference) which can be used for getting an updated geometry file for a CuttingPlanGeometry (reference).