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Work in Progress

The API is in Beta state and can be subject to change. This documentation is work in progress, too.

Our mission at Normcut is to minimize waste in the industrial cutting of sheet material. We believe that the first step to achieve this is to offer the best possible nesting for free. However, no matter how well you nest, there will always – just as when cutting Christmas cookies at home – be leftovers. On average 25%. Some industrial cutters even throw away 40%, in leather cutting it is sometimes even over 50%. Crazy, right?

Although some exclusive nesting-solutions offer a functionality called filler parts or "optional parts", it is not yet a standardized nor widespread attempt The idea is to automatically fill up leftover space with smaller parts. This approach can lower scrap below 10%.

Normcut is providing a system leveraging cutting manufacturers to implement the filler part nesting approach. Specifically, Normcut is providing plugins to easily integrate our cloud-services with existing CAD/CAM/CNC workflows as well as a web application for creating and managing filler parts. Since there are a variety of different CAD/CAM software suites, Normcut is actively supporting the 3rd party development of nesting plugins as slim clients for accessing the Normcut API.

This document will help you to understand and access the Normcut API for implementing the filler part nesting functionality within a new platform, either as part of an existing CAD/CAM software suite or to integrate with CNC control systems.